Nominating Committee

The Kansas Association of School Boards Nominating Committee is charged with the task of presenting to the Delegate Assembly each year one or more qualified candidates for the office of President-Elect Designee of the Association.  The committee will meet September 10, 2016 to select the nominee(s).  A Voters Guide, which serves as the KASB Nominating Committee Report, will be distributed at the KASB Fall Summits.  It will also be mailed prior to Convention, along with other Delegate Assembly materials, to all board presidents, superintendents and voting delegates. 

The election for KASB President-Elect Designee is on Sunday, December 5, 2016, during the annual KASB Delegate Assembly in Wichita.

KASB Nominating Procedures

The KASB president appoints a nominating committee in late summer of each year. The committee is comprised of one representative from each of the KASB 15 regions. The committee typically meets in Topeka and is charged with the responsibility of interviewing and reporting one or more nominees to the delegate assembly, held in conjunction with the annual convention, for the election of the president-elect designee. 

Click here for an online copy of the application form.

The selection of KASB's leadership is one of the most important responsibilities of association membership. School board members are asked to consider serving as a KASB officer. Contact KASB Executive Assistant Melissa Holder, 800-432-2471, for additional information.