KASB Board of Directors Policies

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Section A - The Association’s Foundations and Basic Commitments

Section B - Board Governance and Operations

Section C - Association Administration

Section D - Fiscal Management

Section E - Personnel

The index below is an alphabetical listing of all current KASB policies (as of Aug. 13, 2012). The first letter following each entry denotes the policy section.

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KASB Board Policy Classification System


Administration Organization Plan   CB   
Administrative Reports CD   
Advertising Through Association Media CJ   
Agenda Format BCB   
Agenda Preparation and Dissemination BCC   
All Lines Aggregate Property & Liability Pool, Inc. Administrator Contract ADD   
All-Lines Aggregate Property & Liability Pool, Inc. By-Laws ADC   
Annual Operating Budget DB   
Associate Members BHB   
Association Financial Services DJB   
Association Memberships BH   
Association Treasurer BAA   
Association Volunteers CH   
Association's Legal Status AA   
Audits DIC   
Authorized Signatures DGA   
Authorized Use of Association-Owned Materials CG   


Board Committees BBI   
Board In-Service Recognition AF   
Board of Directors BA   
Board of Directors Members Compensation and Expenses   BFC   
Board Office Facilities and Services BFB   
Board Officers Duties/Executive Committee BBA   
Board-Staff Communications BE   
Bonded Employees DH   
Budget Adoption Procedures DBE   
Budget Deadlines and Schedules DBC   
Building and Grounds Management CF   


Cafeteria Plan EABA   
Campaign for President-Elect BBH   
Capital Outlay Purchases DJA   
Computer Use EBE   
Constitution AB   
Consultants to the Board of Directors     BL  


Delegates and Alternates to NSBA Convention BI   
Delegation of Authority AE   
Depository for Funds DG   
Destruction of Association Records CE   
Determination of Budget Priorities  DBD 
Donations from Other State School Boards Associations  BHAA 


Educational Agency Associate Membership BHD   
Employee Benefits EAB   
Employees Salaries-Establishing EBC   
Employment and Termination EAD   
Employment At-Will EAAA   
Employment Practices Committee ED   
Equal Opportunity Employment and Nondiscrimination EAAB   
Evaluation of Executive Director CAE   
Evaluation of Staff EBD   
Executive Director CA   
Executive Director's Activities CAD   
Executive Director's Compensation and Benefits CAC   
Executive Sessions BCH   
Expenses, Authorization, Reimbursement     DK


Federal Relations Network (FRN) Conference BD   
Financial Reports and Statements DIA   
Fiscal Management Goals DA   
Fiscal Year DBB   
Fund Investments    DF


Gestures of Courtesy   BK


Holidays EAG

Inventories   DIB
IRS Regulations   DAA



KASB Board of Directors Responsibilities     BBG
KASB Past-President     BBE    
KASB President  BBB    
KASB President-Elect     BBC
KASB President-Elect Designee     BBD
KASB Regional Vice-President  BBF    


Liaison with the National School Boards Association  BHA    
Life Insurance Beneficiary     EBF    
Line Item Transfer Authority     DBF    
Long Range & Strategic Plan     AG


Member Dues     DE
Military Leave  EAFA    
Minutes     BCG


New Board Member Orientation BFA    
Notes and Loans Debt Authority  DC    
Notification of Board Meetings  BCA    
NSBA Convention Dinner for Board of Directors     BCI    


Ownership of Employee Produced Materials or Devices  EBG    


Participation in Education Organizations  BJA    
Payday Schedules  EAI    
Personnel Guidelines  EAA    
Personnel Policy Goals  EA    
Personnel Records  EADA    
Policy Adoption, Revision and Implementation CC    
Presentation to the Legislature or any Committee  BGA    
Publications Policies  CK    
Purchasing     DJ    

Quorum     BCD  


Recruitment and Appointment of the Executive Director  CAB    
Reimbursement for Expenses     EAH
Reimbursement of Officers and Directors  BBJ    
Resignation  EAE    
Risk Management Services     AD    
Rules of Order     BCE


School Board Legal Services  AC    
Service Associate Members     BHC    
Sexual Harassment  EAAC    
Special Services  EBB    
Sponsorships by Commercial Entities  CJA    
Staff Designation  EB    
Staff Health and Safety  EAC    
Staff Leaves and Absences  EAF    
Staff Responsibilities  EBA    
Supervision of Staff  EC    
Suspension of Rules of Order     BCEA


Termination of Employment of the Executive Director  CAF    
Tuition Payment for Staff Activities     EAHA


Use of Mailing Lists     CI


Voting Method     BCF

W - X - Y - Z
Workers Compensation Fund Administrator Contract     ADB    
Workers Compensation Fund, Inc. By-Laws     ADA    
Yearly Planning Cycle     AG