Getting Involved

We need you! And the best part about it? You and your district or organization will benefit! 

By networking and building relationships throughout the state, you will enhance your effectiveness on your local governing board and expand your influence at the state level. Plus you will be contributing to KASB’s role as an advocate for all kids in Kansas!

"Active members are the life-blood of KASB,” said John Heim, KASB executive director. “All our members have something to offer through their own unique experiences and perspectives."

KASB’s governance structure relies on active participation by our members. Opportunities exist throughout the year, for short-term appointments to ad hoc committees to more long-term commitments for standing committees (usually subject to term limits).

What’s the next step?

 Send an email to Melissa Holder, KASB executive assistant, with your contact information and area of interests. Kathy maintains a list of volunteers, and when it is time to appoint representatives to committees and study groups, we start with this list!
 Visit with one of the KASB executive committee members or your regional vice-president.
 Visit with a KASB staff member!

Or even easier!

 Take a couple of minutes to complete a member interest index. The information goes directly to Melissa Holder (all responses are kept confidential). She will add your name and interests to the member database, and contact you as opportunities arise!

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Let's Get Started!

Click to go to the KASB Member Interest Index!

All information submitted to
Melissa Holder, 

KASB executive assistant, 
and will remain confidential. 

    Here are a few examples of the Good-Better-Best Ways to Get Involved in KASB! 

    • Attend Fall Regional Meetings, New Board Member Training as a mentor, Summer Advocacy Meetings held throughout the state.
    • Attend the Seminars and Workshops held throughout the year.
    • Attend the KASB Annual Conference in December. 
    • Make sure you are subscribed to KASB publications and emails and respond to surveys and questionnaires.
    • Get involved in your KASB Region
    • Get to know your Regional VP and let them know your interest.
    • Volunteer your district to host on-site KASB meetings.
    • Ask to place KASB information on your local board agenda and discuss during meetings.
    • Join NSBA’s National Connection program and expand your involvement in national issues.

    Contact KASB for more information!

    785-273-3600  |  800-432-2471