The Kansas Association of School Boards and the Kansas School Public Relations Association invite you to participate in their annual publications contest. The contest recognizes the top publications produced by Kansas school districts, cooperatives and vocational-technical schools. Entries must be from KASB members.


Certificates of Excellence and Certificates of Merit will be awarded in each category based on total points earned by the entry. Entries scoring a nine or 10 will receive a Certificate of Excellence. Entries scoring a five through eight will receive a Certificate of Merit. Sweepstakes winners (those with the highest overall point accumulation per enrollment category) will be announced at the KASB Delegate Assembly, Sunday, December 4, 2016.


Publications produced between August, 1, 2015, and July 31, 2016, are eligible. All entries must be submitted with the official entry form (see reverse). This form may be copied if you plan to enter more than one category. This form is also available on the KASB Web site. All entries become the property of KASB and will not be returned.


Enter as many categories as you wish, but only one entry per category. To ensure your entry is accepted and judged accurately, please be sure to enter in the correct category and send all information requested below.
  1. District Report Card/Annual Report: Annual publication to inform patrons of the district’s performance. Provide print and digital copies of the report.
  2. Audio/Video: A presentation or episode of a single program, podcast, or promotional piece.
  3. Calendar/Handbook: Publication with event dates or information or yearly publication designed to inform students, staff and/or parents about the organization and policy. Provide print and digital samples.
  4. Electronic Publication: External or internal communications distributed only electronically. Two different issues must be submitted to qualify as one entry.
  5. Marketing Materials/Special Purpose Publication: Items used to communicate the appealing qualities or explain educational issues of a school, district, or program. This is a single piece (a multiple piece campaign would fall under Golden Achievement).
  6. Newsletters: External or internal printed publications. Two different issues must be submitted to qualify as one entry. [You may enter for a district newsletter and building level newsletters.]
  7. Photo/Photo Series: Photographs taken by a district representative for publication (submit digital .jpeg images, along with proof of use).
  8. Project, Special Event or Program: Describe a project, special event or program that supported a district initiative. Provide description, results and samples of materials and tactics utilized.
  9. Websites/Social Media: Submit a print and digital copy of your home page (first page of your site only) and include the address for your website on your entry form. Please do not submit separate entries for each of your individual school sites.
  10. Writing: Op-ed pieces, editorials, speeches or individual articles from an official written piece intended for public distribution. Provide a print and digital copy of the writing piece, along with proof of publication.


    A judging team of communications experts from a state public relations association will serve as judges of all entries in the 2016 contest. Winners will be notified in November.


    Entries will be scored from a one (poor) to 10 (excellent) based on the following criteria: research/assessment; analysis/planning, evaluation/results and overall appearance. 


    Questions or additional information? Contact Andrea Hartzell at KASB by calling 800-432-2471 or e-mailing ahartzell@kasb.org.