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 SB 103-Testimony (2/11/2013) 
   Definition of At-Risk Pupil
 SB 224-Testimony (3/12/2013) 
   School Finance Weightings
 House Leaders propose study of all-day kindergarten funding (1/15/2014) 
   Three top House Republicans - Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, Majority Leader Jene Vickrey, R-Louisburg, and Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast, R-Emporia, on Tuesday announced the formation of a special committee to study the implementation of statewide al
 State Board recommends individual plans of study (1/15/2014) 
   The State Board of voted 9-1 Tuesday to “strongly recommend” that districts establish Individual Plans of Study (IPS) for students starting in eighth grade.
 Superintendents discuss at-risk funding with joint Senate/House Education Committee (3/11/2014) 
   Six superintendents, representing approximately 1/3 of KS K-12 students, discussed at-risk funding with a joint Senate/House Education Committee.
 Senate Ed receives dropout, reading program information (1/28/2015) 
   The Senate Education Committee received two reports Tuesday afternoon, one from Communities in Schools and a second on the Kansas Reading Initiative.
 Student seclusion, restraint restrictions advanced to final action (2/26/2015) 
   Sub for HB 2170 was amended to put a date, certain as to when new regulations were to go into effect and removed, in a technical clean up, some redundant language.
 House Appropriations approves so-called block grant school finance plan (3/10/2015) 
   If approved by the House, then the bill only needs concurrence by the Senate to be sent to Gov. Sam Brownback.
 Special Webinar set for 4 p.m. today on block grant school finance bill (3/11/2015) 
   Legislation to overhaul the school finance system may be debated before the full House as early as tomorrow, so KASB will broadcast a special Webinar on the bill.
 House advances block grant bill; final vote Friday (3/12/2015) 
   The Kansas House narrowly gave preliminary approval to the so-called block grant school finance bill, which would repeal the current school funding system.
 Conference Committee meets on Sen Sub for HB 2170 (5/6/2015) 
   Conference Committee ended tersely Tuesday when Sen. Abrams, R-Arkansas City and chair of Senate Ed old the Chair of House Children and Seniors to bring back a final offer at the next meeting.
 K-12 Committee jumps into school finance details (10/23/2015) 
   The Special Committee on K-12 Student Success met for the first time Friday and started what appears to be a deep dive into the details of school funding.
 State group makes juvenile justice recommendations that would affect schools (12/18/2015) 
   The group has recommended that the policies become state law.
 K-12 draft report to considered Tuesday (1/15/2016) 
   The report includes numerous recommendations including calls for overhauling at-risk funding, restricting the use of bonding for new projects, providing funding for each student to take the ACT, and requiring annual audits of every school district.
 K-12 Committee approves report; minority report also filed (1/19/2016) 
   The Special Committee on K-12 Student Success Tuesday in a partisan vote approved its final report, which recommends major changes to school funding.
 Bill being prepared with juvenile justice reforms (1/20/2016) 
   The chairman of a Senate Committee said Tuesday legislation is being prepared to implement major juvenile justice system changes.
 KSDE says State Board will consider rules on suicide prevention training (1/27/2016) 
   Parents and relatives of Kansas teenagers who committed suicide pleaded with legislators on Tuesday to approve a bill that would require teachers to receive suicide prevention training.
 Bill to overhaul juvenile justice system filed; some proposed changes would impact schools (1/27/2016) 
   Hearings on Senate Bill 367, which was the product of an interim workgroup, will start next week before Senate Corrections and Juvenile Justice.
 Earlier testing of deaf students urged (3/8/2016) 
   Supporters have been developing a number of amendments to address opposition concerns.
 ESI bill approved by House (3/17/2016) 
   HB 2534, which covers Emergency Safety Intervention, passed 120-0 in the House on Final Action Thursday.
 KASB message on driving student success as Legislature returns (4/27/2016) 
   As the Kansas Legislature returned Wednesday for the 2016 wrap up session, KASB President Don Shimkus released the following message:
 Comments for KASB News Conference (9/15/2016) 
   Today, KASB strongly urges Kansas advocates of public schools to accept Gov. Sam Brownback’s invitation to provide information and input on what is needed to fund the Kansas public school system.
 Martin: Comments for KASB News Conference (9/15/2016) 
   My name is Amy Martin and I am the president of the Kansas Association of School Boards and a board member for the Olathe school district.
 Innovative Districts board considers school finance recommendation to governor (11/18/2016) 
   The Kansas Coalition of Innovative School Districts (CISD) met in Salina on Nov. 17.
 HB 2242 - Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Classroom Based Funding Act
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