House Committee hears tax credit bill (3/24/2017) 
   The House Education Committee on Thursday held a hearing on HB 2374, which expands the existing tax credit for low income students scholarship program.
 Kansas Capitol Connection: A weekly summary of education-related developments before the Legislature (3/24/2017) 
   Two weeks from first adjournment, the Kansas Legislature has started what promises to be a difficult process to pass a new school finance plan, state budget and the tax increases needed to pay for it all.
 KASB webinar on school finance today (3/24/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a deeper dive into the details of a new school finance proposal during a webinar at 12:30 p.m. today.
 KASB neutral on new school finance bill, supports some parts, but funding falls short (3/23/2017) 
   KASB on Thursday said it is neutral on the new school finance proposal as introduced — supporting some provisions but also noting the legislation falls far short of providing enough revenue to help students succeed.
 KASB will conduct webinar on Friday to provide details on school finance measure (3/23/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a deeper dive into the details of a new school finance proposal during a webinar at 12:30 p.m. Friday.
 Senate Committee advances two retirement bills (3/23/2017) 
   The Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee on Thursday advanced two working after retirement bills that will likely be the subject of conference committee deliberations later this session.
 House committee passes out WAR bill (3/22/2017) 
   The House Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance today passed out a bill that makes changes to state law for KPERS employees who work after retirement.
 Committees working to assemble state budget (3/21/2017) 
   Committee discussion on the budgets will continue tomorrow.
 KASB special webinar Wednesday to review new school finance proposal (3/21/2017) 
   For those who cannot participate in the live webinar, it will be archived at kasb.org/legiswebinars.
 Flat Tax proposals fall flat in House Tax committee (3/21/2017) 
   As the House Taxation committee works through the final concept proposals for changes to the State of Kansas revenue stream, Monday was a day to explore two different proposals for a "Flat Tax".
 House committee continues discussion on KPERS Working After Retirement (3/20/2017) 
   With just three weeks to go in the regular 2017 session, the House Committee on Financial Institutions and Pensions has proposed further changes in KPERS rules for Working After Retirement.
 President's budget cuts funding for public education, shifts aid to private schools (3/20/2017) 
   Overall, the budget request notes a decrease of more than $9 billion in federal education investments.
 State law requires teacher notice of tort claims protection (3/20/2017) 
   If you have any questions about this requirement or any other legal matters, please do not hesitate to the KASB legal staff.
 KASB Legal Division offers on-site board, staff trainings (3/17/2017) 
   KASB's legal staff provides training to boards of education, administrative teams and building-level staff. Topics are customized to fit local needs and expectations.
 KASB legislative webinar at 12:30 p.m. today (3/17/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a legislative webinar at 12:30 p.m. today to review action by the Legislature on school finance, the budget, taxes and other issues.
 Senate Committee hears KPERS credit bill (3/16/2017) 
   The Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee on Thursday held a hearing on SB 205, which would give KPERS-eligible employees retirement credit for paid leave time.
 School finance discussions continue (3/16/2017) 
   Amendments to bring back additional weightings contained in the 1992 formula could also be offered by committee members.
 Q & A with SBOE Chairman Porter (3/16/2017) 
   Jim Porter was recently elected chairman of the 10-member State Board of Education. Porter, of Fredonia, has served on the board since 2015 and represents District 9, which covers southeast Kansas.
 No health insurance savings next year, but more study requested (3/16/2017) 
   The House Appropriations Committee was told no savings could be achieved by consolidating school district health insurance programs next year.
 K-12 Ed Budget Committee hears school accounting bill (3/16/2017) 
   The House K-12 Education Budget Committee on Wednesday held a hearing on House Bill 2379, which would require school districts to report transaction-level information for all expenditures.
 I’m From Kansas: Some advice for the United States Secretary of Education (3/15/2017) 
   Kansas has long been recognized as a national leader in education.
 Action Alert - Urge senators to oppose cut to schools (3/15/2017) 
   KASB urges school leaders to contact their senators as Senate President Susan Wagle said Wednesday she plans to propose a cut to schools during debate Thursday on a state budget bill.
 Senate to work KPERS bill next week (3/15/2017) 
   In 2015, the Legislature passed a law that limited the earnings of KPERS retirees who go back to work for another KPERs employer.
 State Board moves forward with kindergarten readiness tool (3/15/2017) 
   The State Board of Education on Wednesday approved moving forward with a statewide measurement tool to collect data on students entering kindergarten.
 Proposed amendment would limit state revenue and spending (3/15/2017) 
   Supporting the proposed amendment with written testimony were Americans for Prosperity and the Kansas Policy Institute.
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