Senate Ed at risk (2/16/2017) 
   The Senate Education Committee on Wednesday held an informational hearing on at-risk funding in Kansas and how student numbers are determined.
 House approves tax bill, advances budget (2/16/2017) 
   Facing budget crisis after budget crisis, the Kansas House on Thursday voted for a tax increase bill that would reverse most of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts.
 K-12 committee hears school finance plan (2/16/2017) 
   The House K-12 Budget Committee, which has been tasked with developing a new funding formula/plan for public schools, took another step in that direction on Wednesday with a hearing on HB 2270, Creating the Education Finance Act.
 House advances tax increase (2/15/2017) 
   The state faces a nearly $1 billion revenue shortfall over the next 18 months.
 Due process heard in committee (2/15/2017) 
   The House Education Committee on Tuesday held a hearing but did not take action on House Bill 2179, regarding due process rights for teachers.
 Ed Day opportunities (2/14/2017) 
   Please contact KASB Advocacy staff if you plan to attend Ed Day tomorrow:
 Data indicates many students fall off seeking post-secondary (2/14/2017) 
   The information based on National Student Clearinghouse data should help educators as they push to increase the number of Kansas students to continue education and training after high school.
 State Board approves specialized certificates for KCK (2/14/2017) 
   The Kansas State Board of Education on Tuesday approved a request from Kansas City USD 500 to provide specialized certificates for five non-licensed teachers.
 House committee adopts budget that doesn't cut schools (2/13/2017) 
   The Appropriations Committee bill will now go to the full House for consideration.
 Re-designed School Board Review debuts (2/13/2017) 
   The re-designed School Board Review is making its debut.
 State Board of Education to consider special certification request (2/13/2017) 
   The State Board of Education on Tuesday will consider a request from Kansas City USD 500 to hire five non-licensed teachers.
 New finance bills scheduled for hearings (2/13/2017) 
   Bills to require schools use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and authorizing a local activities budget without equalization have been added to tomorrow's schedule.
 KASB webinar today on school funding, taxes, health insurance (2/10/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a webinar at 12:30 p.m. today to review legislative action on proposals to cut school funding, increase taxes and consolidate school district health plans.
 Hearing on HB 2268 in House Financial Institutions and Pensions (2/9/2017) 
   House Financial Institutions and Pensions will hold a hearing on HB 2268, extending the sunset date on certain working after retirement exemptions, Monday morning at 9 a.m.
 KASB Webinar on Friday (2/9/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a webinar this week to review legislative action on proposals to cut school funding, increase taxes and consolidate school district health plans. The webinar will occur at 12:30 p.m. Friday.
 KASB announces Leadership for Tomorrow Class of 2017 (2/8/2017) 
   The Kansas Association of School Boards is pleased to announce our Leadership for Tomorrow Class of 2017.
 School leaders urged to contact Senators on Budget, Tax Bills (2/8/2017) 
   School leaders should contact their Senators as soon as possible.
 KASB webinar on Friday to review legislative action (2/8/2017) 
   For those who cannot participate in the live webinar, it will be archived at kasb.org/legiswebinars.
 Report cites savings, cost shifts to employees in K-12 health insurance consolidation proposal (2/8/2017) 
   Consolidating K-12 plans would reduce coverage for most districts in the sample and increase employees’ share of premiums, the report said.
 Committee considers bill on handcuffs (2/7/2017) 
   Wichita USD 259 requested the introduction of the bill.
 Senate committee forwards two tax proposals (2/7/2017) 
   Two tax increase measures on Tuesday were forwarded to the full Senate for consideration.
 Report to be released Wednesday on consolidating school district health plans (2/7/2017) 
   House Bill 2142 has been introduced and it would require school districts to participate in high deductible health savings account plan.
 School counseling week celebrated, but school counselors decreasing (2/7/2017) 
   School officials are celebrating National School Counseling Week at a time when the number of school counselors in Kansas has been decreasing.
 KASB, KANSPRA award winners (2/6/2017) 
   For a complete list of winners, go to the KASB homepage and go to the bottom where it says Publication Contest Results and click on either USD Order or Category Order.
 U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments March 28 in transgender case (2/6/2017) 
   A decision in the case before the U.S. Supreme Court could be made by this summer.
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