KASB legislative webinar on Friday (4/6/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a legislative webinar at 12:30 p.m. Friday to review what has and hasn’t happened as the Legislature takes a three-week break.
 KASB first adjournment webinar (4/5/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a legislative webinar at 12:30 p.m. Friday to review what has and hasn’t happened as the Legislature takes a three-week break.
 KPERS discussions continue (4/4/2017) 
   The House and Senate conference committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance met briefly Tuesday to consider the respective chambers’ positions on KPERs-related bills.
 Senate committee advances flat tax (4/4/2017) 
   The Senate Assessments and Taxation Committee voted Tuesday to endorse a major income tax increase, but one that likely falls short of funding the budget approved by the Senate or allowing significant additional funding for school finance.
 Appropriations budget includes proviso aimed at school savings (3/30/2017) 
   The House Appropriations Committee this morning advanced to the House floor HB 2364, its “mega” budget bill for state agencies for the next two years, FY 2018 and FY 2019.
 Senate approves budget that depends on more revenue (3/30/2017) 
   The Kansas Senate on Thursday approved 25-15 an unbalanced budget for the next two years, with funding dependent on new revenue that has not been determined, and no additional funding for school finance in response to the Gannon decision.
 Senate Tax Committee begins to build a new tax bill (3/28/2017) 
   The Senate Assessment and Taxation committee held a short hearing on SB 215, which mirrors the tax plan that was laid out in HB 2178, except it removes the retroactive start date of the new income tax plan.
 Appropriations Committee wrestles with budget gap; shifts parent education funding (3/28/2017) 
   The House Appropriations Committee continued debate on state agency funding for the fiscal years 2018 and 2019 budget, and unanimously agreed to shift funding for the Parents as Teachers program so limits on participation could be removed.
 Kansas Capitol Connection: A weekly summary of education-related developments before the Legislature (3/24/2017) 
   Two weeks from first adjournment, the Kansas Legislature has started what promises to be a difficult process to pass a new school finance plan, state budget and the tax increases needed to pay for it all.
 KASB analysis shows how new school funding could be used to improve student success (3/23/2017) 
   As legislators debate a new school finance formula, KASB has provided an analysis of how increased funding could be used to improve student success.
 Senate Committee advances two retirement bills (3/23/2017) 
   The Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee on Thursday advanced two working after retirement bills that will likely be the subject of conference committee deliberations later this session.
 House committee passes out WAR bill (3/22/2017) 
   The House Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance today passed out a bill that makes changes to state law for KPERS employees who work after retirement.
 House committee continues discussion on KPERS Working After Retirement (3/20/2017) 
   With just three weeks to go in the regular 2017 session, the House Committee on Financial Institutions and Pensions has proposed further changes in KPERS rules for Working After Retirement.
 Senate Committee hears KPERS credit bill (3/16/2017) 
   The Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee on Thursday held a hearing on SB 205, which would give KPERS-eligible employees retirement credit for paid leave time.
 Senate to work KPERS bill next week (3/15/2017) 
   In 2015, the Legislature passed a law that limited the earnings of KPERS retirees who go back to work for another KPERs employer.
 House advances bill amending KPERS working after retirement provisions (2/21/2017) 
   House Bill 2268, amends several provisions the 2015 and 2016 working after retirement rules that were put in place over the past two years.
 Senate cancels vote on school cuts, tax increase (2/9/2017) 
   No school cuts, for now, but they are definitely still in play. The Kansas Senate cancelled debate Thursday after Republican leaders couldn’t persuade their GOP members to agree to a 5 percent cut in general state aid to public schools.
 Hearing on HB 2268 in House Financial Institutions and Pensions (2/9/2017) 
   House Financial Institutions and Pensions will hold a hearing on HB 2268, extending the sunset date on certain working after retirement exemptions, Monday morning at 9 a.m.
 HB 2242 - Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Classroom Based Funding Act
 KASB testifies on K-12 Cuts and Ending Balances (2/2/2017) 
   KASB urged the Senate Ways and Means Committee to avoid further cuts in K-12 funding and explained why school districts maintain cash balances in a hearing Wednesday on Senate Bill 27, the governor's budget bill for the current year.
 Committee Examines Working After Retirement Issues (1/30/2017) 
   Just one year after sweeping changes in rules for working after retirement under the Kansas Public Employees System went into effect, new concerns are being raised.
 Legislators look at cash balances to offset spending cuts (1/26/2017) 
   Facing a $350 million deficit in the current fiscal year (ending June 30), some state legislators are considering across-the-board spending cuts for state programs, including K-12 education.
 Education advocates say students would be hurt if schools cut (1/26/2017) 
   Public school advocates Thursday told legislators that funding cuts to balance the state budget would hurt students and could lead to closing schools earlier than planned.
 House K-12 rejects governor's delay of KPERS (1/20/2017) 
   The House K-12 Education Budget Committee on Thursday rejected a plan by Gov. Sam Brownback to not make a Kansas Public Employees Retirement System payment of $84 million.
 Kansas Capitol Connection: A weekly summary of education developments before the Legislature (1/20/2017) 
   Kansas legislators this week started work on the budget and taxes and some key votes are expected next week. Meanwhile, the Kansas Supreme Court rejected a challenge to a 2014 law that stripped teachers of some procedural rights.
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