School Finance

 Kansas Capital Connection: A weekly summary of education-related developments before the Legislature (2/17/2017) 
   The Kansas Legislature has approved a tax increase to balance the state budget, reversing much of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts.
 HB 2346 Testimony (2/17/2017) 
   Administration of school district finance by the state board of education.
 KASB will conduct webinar at noon today on taxes, budget, school finance (2/17/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a legislative webinar at noon today which is a half hour earlier than the usual start. The noon startup is needed because KASB will be testifying later in the afternoon on a bill before the Legislature.
 KASB statement on legislative approval of tax bill (2/17/2017) 
   KASB applauds legislators in the House and Senate for approval of a comprehensive change to the state’s tax policy.
 K-12 committee hears school finance plan (2/16/2017) 
   The House K-12 Budget Committee, which has been tasked with developing a new funding formula/plan for public schools, took another step in that direction on Wednesday with a hearing on HB 2270, Creating the Education Finance Act.
 SCR 1602 Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   Constitutional amendment to prescribe revenue, expenditure and taxation limitations on state government
 HB 2270 Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   Creating the education finance act.
 HB 2324 Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   School district finance and quality performance act of 2017.
 SB 188 Testimony (2/14/2017) 
   Concerning Income Tax
 New finance bills scheduled for hearings (2/13/2017) 
   Bills to require schools use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and authorizing a local activities budget without equalization have been added to tomorrow's schedule.
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