HB 2078 - Testimony (1/25/2017) 
   Authorizing the reduction or elimination of property taxa exemption by a school district.
 HB 2008 - Testimony (1/23/2017) 
   Requiring seat belts on school buses
 KASB testifies that governor's school recommendations fail to provide needed funding (1/19/2017) 
   In addition, Kansas school funding continues to fall further behind in per pupil funding in relation to other states.
 HB 2023 - Testimony (1/19/2017) 
   Determination of Kansas adjusted gross income; sunsetting certain modifications.
 Appropriations for FY 2017 - Testimony (1/18/2017) 
   Appropriations for FY 2017 for various state agencies
 Testimonies on Special Session (6/23/2016) 
   Testimonies on School Funding in Response to the May 27, 2016, Gannon Court Order and potential Senate Concurrent Resolution that would prohibit the Legislature and the courts from closing schools as a result of school finance litigation.
 Potential School Funding Changes (6/16/2016) 
   Public Comment on Potential School Funding Changes in Response to the May 27, 2016, Gannon Court Order
 HB 2468 March 22 Testimony (3/22/2016) 
   Authorizing possession of air guns on school property.
 SB 512 Testimony (3/16/2016) 
   Court ordered redistribution of district funds act.
 HB 2729 Testimony (3/16/2016) 
   Requiring school districts to procure specific spend categories through the department of administration.
 SB 418 Testimony (3/15/2016) 
   Amendments related to human trafficking, children in need of care and juvenile offenders.
 HB 2731 Testimony (3/15/2016) 
   Amendments to CLASS act regarding local option budget and capital outlay equalization.
 HB 2444 Testimony (3/15/2016) 
   Eliminating the business non-wage income tax exemption and reducing the sales tax rate on food.
 SB 410 Testimony (3/15/2016) 
   Establishing a CARE family pilot program for foster care.
 SB 499 Testimony (3/14/2016) 
   Requiring school districts to strategically source specific spend categories through the department of administration.
 SB 505 Testimony (3/11/2016) 
   School finance; general state aid adjustment for unencumbered cash balances.
 SB 311 Testimony (3/10/2016) 
   Transfer of administration of school finance from the state board of education to the department of administration and secretary of administration.
 SB 469 Testimony (3/9/2016) 
   Recertification of professional employees' organizations under the professional negotiations act.
 SB 367 Testimony (3/9/2016) 
   Amendments to the juvenile justice system.
 SB 312 - Testimony Comment (3/2/2016) 
   Extending the school district efficiency audit sunset and exemption time frame.
 SB 444 Testimony (2/18/2016) 
   Creating a language assessment program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
 HB 2595 Testimony (2/17/2016) 
   Reserving regulation of consumer incentive items and nutrition labeling for food menu items in restaurants and vending machines to the legislature.
 A&M Efficiency Study Testimony (2/17/2016) 
   Informational hearing on Alvarez and Marsal State Efficiency Recommendation on K-12 Numbers 1, 3, 5 and 6.
 HCR 5013 Testimony (2/16/2016) 
   Constitutional amendment revising article 3, relating to the judiciary; placing the court of appeals into the constitution; changing the membership of the supreme court nominating commission.
 HB 2532 Testimony (2/11/2016) 
   Financial literacy as an educational capacity.
 SB 356 Testimony (2/10/2016) 
   Creating the school district bond project review board.
 HB 2588 Testimony (2/10/2016) 
   Requiring encryption of student data.
 HB 2534 Testimony (2/9/2016) 
   Amendments to the freedom from unsafe restraint and seclusion act.
 SB 368 Testimony (2/4/2016) 
   Prohibition against using public funds or resources to promote question submitted election issues; use of bond proceeds.
 HB 2504 Testimony (2/3/2016) 
   School district realignment
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