Why do you need a long-range plan?

KASB Strategic Planning Overview

Today’s educational climate is faced with a litany of challenges.  Students within our educational system deserve the very best that we can provide for them regardless of the challenges presented to school systems.  Schools, communities and educational leaders are in a constant balancing act between community desires and needs, and regulation from the state and federal government.  

Over time this balancing act can lead to school systems and communities feeling powerless, despite their best efforts to provide a quality education to the students of their community.  Long range planning can provide a framework for defining a vision for the future of your local school system.  Engaging the community in the long range planning process can be a daunting, but powerful process.  KASB can assist with the long range planning process to insure that desired results are obtained and the future is defined for your school system.  

The following are key outcomes that result from the long range planning process:


  • Create a culture and climate supportive of necessary innovations in response to today’s challenges
  • Design the best educational system for your community

Community Engagement

  • Involve community in shaping the future for your school system
  • Provide opportunities for community stakeholders to experience and learn about the educational process
  • Develop stronger relationships with district stakeholders, increasing transparency in your educational system


  • Incorporate proven practices and strategies into district curriculum and culture
  • Establish long term desired goals with annual accountability benchmarks


  • Focus resources towards long-term goals and vision of community and school system
  • Align supports and services to the current and future programming 

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