KASB Negotiation Services

KASB Legal Staff provides generalized training in negotiations to all members. In addition, a wide-range of legal support is available to members of the KASB Legal Assistance Fund. This full-service starts with negotiation preparation and concludes with the drafting of the final agreement.

Recent changes made to the Professional Negotiations Act requires yearly training for those selected to represent the local board and the professional employees’ organization. Beginning in January, KASB will offer three levels of training that meet these requirements. (Please note: Those participating in the Basic Negotiations Workshop November 10, 2016 at KASB have met the law’s training requirement for this year.) 

Don’t see a date that works?

KASB staff will also conduct onsite training, either for individual teams or for several teams in your area/region. Please contact KASB at 785-273-3600 or 800-432-2471

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What does the training involve?

KASB’s negotiations training is conducted by experienced KASB legal staff who are also professional negotiators. All trainings include the following outcomes:
  • Mandatory and permissive negotiation topics;
  • Impasse procedures;
  • Strategies for boards;
  • How to negotiate salaries; 
  • Recommended contract language.
Depending on the length of training, additional content and support provided.

Specialize Assistance for Legal Assistance Fund Members

  • Sample language for negotiated agreements
  • Personalized Review of master contract and assistance with March 31 notice letter
  • Review of proposals
  • Strategy recommendations
  • Research 
  • Chief negotiator services
  • Onsite representation as part of the board team
  • Onsite training for board teams
  • Consultation with full board prior to development of March 31 notice letter (executive session by phone or onsite).

Current Training Opportunities - Open to All KASB Members

(as of February 2017 - Please check HERE for registration details and other updates.)

Prepping for Negotiations – Two Hours

This training include the basic negotiations training outcomes and give participants time to ask questions of KASB attorneys.

Feb 21, 2017
9-11 a.m.

Feb 21, 2017
2-4 p.m.