The KASB research staff provide specialized information school boards and administrators need to make decisions. Information on salaries and supplemental contracts can usually be provided the same day they are requested. Complete data files for the entire state can be provided on disc or via e-mail for districts that choose to do their own analysis.

Reports include:

  • Administrators—Each fall a survey is completed by certified administrators and other school management personnel about their educational background, experience, salary and fringe benefits. Board members can compare their district information with other districts of similar characteristics.
  • Negotiations—Each year, with information supplied by school districts and the Kansas State Department of Education, staff prepares rankings of salaries, salary schedules, budgets, mill levies, pupil-teacher ratios and district enrollments. This information is valuable for districts when deciding district pay schedules. School officials can evaluate their district with others in their area, their region, or districts with other similar characteristics.
  • Budget—Special reports can be requested that analyze aspects of your budget in relation to other districts. These are helpful if you are concerned about a particular cost area and what other districts spend in that area. These reports are presented in terms of dollars and the percent of the budget devoted to each area.
  • Negotiation Settlements—Kansas districts can contrast themselves to other districts which have declared impasse. Reports on settlements show the districts in terms of salary, benefits and percentage increases.
  • Enrollment—Enrollment projections are a fee service. “Cohort survival ratios” are used to predict enrollments. This system compares each grade’s enrollment from year-to-year to establish patterns for future years. These reports also include a brief analysis of local demographic and population trends.
  • Supplemental and Non-Certified Staff Salaries—KASB can generate printouts from each district about salaries for supplemental staff and classified personnel.