KASB to meet with school leaders Wednesday morning to prepare for hearing on school district realignment bill

KASB will conduct a meeting Wednesday to help school leaders who plan on testifying later in the day on House Bill 2504, the school district realignment legislation.

The KASB meeting will start at 10:30 a.m. in the auditorium in the Visitor's Center of the Statehouse.

KASB leaders will be on hand to review the bill and provide analysis.

The hearing on HB 2504 will start at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday before the House Education Committee.

Here are more details about HB 2504:

School district realignment

  • Requires Kansas State Board of Education to oversee redesign of districts by July 1, 2017; take effect one year later.
  • Every county with 10,000 or fewer students to be a single district; over 10,000 districts must have at least 1,500.
  • Apparently based on public school district students who are resident of the county.
  • Boundaries generally follow county lines - exceptions:
    • Voluntary consolidations to reach threshold by July 1, 2017
    • State Board may take into account efficiency, not divide cities or townships
    • Boundary of districts in over 10,000 countries, redrawn if necessary to reach 1,500
    • Innovative districts may not be divided or disorganized; may have territory added
  • Bond debt will remain with territory that originally approved; so part of new district may be taxed for previous bond issues.
  • “The number of school administration and supervisory service employees employed by a realigned school district shall not exceed 120 percent of the number of school administration and supervisory service employees of the school district with the largest enrollment in the prior year.” (Not defined)
  • Districts must inventory real property and vehicles for central office; all excess property not required for new central office goes to the state to be sold.
  • No provision of process of determining new school board.

And here is a link to a KASB estimate on the impact of HB 2504.

Wednesday will also unofficially kickoff KASB’s weekly “Ed Day” Wednesdays at the Statehouse where school leaders are invited to come to the Statehouse every Wednesday to observe the legislative process and speak with legislators about issues that are important back home. More details to follow.

February 2, 2016