Funding to operate schools has trailed inflation, new KASB report shows

School funding to pay for operating costs has increased 6.8 percent over the past five years, according to a new analysis by the Kansas Association of School Boards on school funding and Gov. Sam Brownback's proposal to cut $57.3 from public schools.

Here is a link to the report.

During that five-year period when funding for school operations increased 6.8 percent, the consumer price index increased 7.3 percent, enrollment increased 1.2 percent and $63 million of the increased Local Option Budget aid was used for property tax reductions, not additional school spending.

Meanwhile, Brownback's proposal to balance the budget by cutting schools $57.3 million would reduce funding by $124 per pupil, or 1.4 percent of total state aid per pupil.

KASB opposes the proposed cut and says the state needs to come up with additional revenue to provide for the needs of Kansans, including the adequate and equitable funding of an education system that will continue to produce successful Kansas students.

April 25, 2016