Expected bill would allow school lockdown devices

KASB has learned of the pending introduction of a bill that would codify in law a 2014 regulatory variance that allows public schools to use temporary door-lock devices during an active shooter or lockdown situation or drill.

The Kansas State Fire Marshall’s office issued the variance, which allows all K-12 and postsecondary educational entities to install temporary security devices (such as magnet strips on door frames or straps attached to doors that hold panic bars in) to doors or door frames during actual active shooter and lock down situations or during training for such events. The barricading of classroom doors as recommended in the ALICE training program is also allowed.

Permanent locking devices are prohibited by the Kansas Fire Prevention Code.

KASB will share more information when it becomes available; meanwhile, if member school districts have heard of issues or concerns regarding the devices and drills, please contact Leah Fliter at lfliter@kasb.org or 785-273-3600.

January 9, 2017