Democratic agenda includes restoring teacher due process rights

House and Senate Democrats on Wednesday unveiled their legislative agenda, which included a measure to reinstate due process rights for teachers.

KASB supports a cooperative effort with representatives of teachers and administrators to develop a due process system that protects the interests of all parties. “We support working together to improve the process,” said KASB Executive Director John Heim.

In 2014, the Legislature repealed the previous due process laws. Democrats said their new proposal would reinstate those rights as they existed before the changes.

“Democrats are working to strengthen the Kansas workforce, to protect the rights of Kansas workers and to ensure they have a safe work environment,” said House Minority Leader Jim Ward, D-Wichita. Republicans outnumber Democrats 80-45 in the House and 31-9 in the Senate, but some of the Democrats' proposals could gain traction with the help of moderate Republicans.

The Democrats have also proposed bills:

— Removing prohibitions on local governments from passing ordinances that provide various employee benefits;

— Allowing local units of government to incorporate a prevailing wage requirement for public projects;

— Reducing workplace bullying;

— Repealing the prevailing factor standard and other recent changes in worker’s compensation law.

January 26, 2017