KASB Risk Management delivers Employee Benefit Solution

A new comprehensive service to help members administer employee benefits plans is being launched by KASB Risk Management.

Employee Benefit Solutions will deliver employee benefits to employees while putting the employer in control of the process.

This new solution for KASB members manages flexible spending accounts and voluntary insurance offerings, just as many of the current vendors offer.

“What will be different from our perspective is full disclosure of costs and fees,” said Rod Spangler, KASB director of risk management. “And our Employee Benefit Solutions provides a state of the art online benefit management tools for the employee and customized benefits administration and management tools for the employer.”

Both employees and employers will find this new approach to managing benefits has a number of advantages.

“KASB Risk Management understands the business of schools and the challenges you and your employees face when it comes to Section 125 benefits and the selection and enrollment process,” Spangler said, “not to mention the frustrations of managing the process while trying to provide employees the best possible options.”

Every employer benefits program is unique, and this Employee Benefit Solutions is designed to specifically meet the employee’s needs and expectations along with providing both an easier enrollment process and administration.

“KASB Risk Management has 30 years of service as your partner in insurance and operations, and KASB is entering its second century of service you our members know they can count on,” Spangler said. “Our Employee Benefit Solutions is aimed at supporting our members in our collective mission to improve student success.”

Spangler noted that employee benefits and the resulting management are among those “other duties as assigned or have too” services that our members are expected to offer their employees. After careful study and analysis, KASB Risk Management and the Association’s board of directors believe it is time for a better, more flexible option for both employees and employer.

Interested in learning more? Email or call Rod Spangler, assistant executive director of Risk Management, for a no obligation review of the concepts and ideas around our new holistic Employee Benefit Solutions. Rod can be reached at rspangler@kasb.org or 785-271-4599.

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