Legislators ask if teachers have too much on their plates

Several legislators on Monday wondered if teachers were being given too many responsibilities outside of academics. 

The discussion came up during a meeting of the Senate Education Committee in which members heard a presentation on the work of the Kansas School Mental Health Advisory Council. 

The council, headed by State Board of Education Vice Chair Kathy Busch, advises state officials on unmet needs in the area of school mental health and social-emotional character development. 

State Sen. John Doll, R-Garden City, and a former teacher and coach, said he wondered if teachers were being given too much responsibility outside of teaching students academics. A couple of other committee members expressed similar sentiments. 

There are numerous laws and regulations that require educators to receive ongoing training.

Busch said it was important not to overburden teachers and that the advisory council was trying to determine a more strategic way to implement those training sessions. “We need to look at a balance,” she said.

Busch also noted that more students are needing mental health services and schools are becoming the place where many of them receive those services. And, she said, educators are learning more about the need to recognize the impact of adverse childhood experiences on the learning process. 

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