Hearing postponed on bill on student transportation

A committee hearing on HB 2485, which requires transportation of certain students when no safe pedestrian route is available, has been postponed. 

The bill, introduced by Rep. Sean Tarwater, R-Overland Park, would require districts to provide transportation to students living less than 2.5 miles from their school if no safe route is available. 

The bill is designed to be cost-neutral to districts, exempting them from its provisions if adding the additional stops would cost the district more money. The bill was scheduled for a hearing in the House Education Committee on Thursday but that hearing and the committee meeting have been cancelled. 

Kansas school districts typically provide transportation to students who are not eligible for services but live in areas without sidewalks or who must cross railroad tracks or walk along highways to get to school. Some districts charge for that service and some do not. 

KASB will watch for a hearing to be rescheduled.  

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