Bill would change when board members take office

A bill introduced in the Kansas Senate would require that new school board members would take office at the first regularly scheduled meeting after the election is certified, rather than the second Monday in January. 

SB 325 was introduced by the Senate Ethics, Elections and Local Government Committee and referred back to that committee. A hearing date has not been announced. 

For decades, school board members and most other local officials were elected in April of odd-numbered years and took office July 1. That system was changed two years ago to shift elections to November of odd-numbered years, with members taking office on the following second Monday of January, the same date the Kansas Legislature convenes and state officials take office in following elections in November of even-numbered years. 

KASB has not taken a position on this issue through its Delegate Assembly and is studying the bill. Traditionally, many local districts have used that period as time to provide orientation or training for new members. 

School leaders are encouraged to share their thoughts about this issues with KASB and their Senators, and consider testimony before the committee when and if the bill receives a hearing. 

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