Proposed Kansas Telemedicine Act to be considered

Telemedicine healthcare services would be held to the same standards as in-person healthcare contacts under a proposed bill before the Kansas Legislature. 

KASB will join other education leaders in supporting an amendment that would also apply the bill to health services provided by school districts. 

The House Health and Human Services Committee will consider HB 2512 — the Kansas Telemedicine Act — during a hearing at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Room 546-South in the Statehouse. 

Under the measure, any licensed mental health care professional or physician delivering healthcare services via telemedicine must adhere to the same practice and conduct that is required for in-person medical visits as determined by the State Board of Healing Arts and Behavioral Sciences and Regulatory Board. The measure also would prohibit insurers from denying covered healthcare services solely because the service was provided through telemedicine.  

Telemedicine is defined as healthcare services delivered through two-way communications systems from a physician who is at different site than where the patient is located.  


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