Hearing on private school special ed services; new bills on transportation aid, bullying policies

The House Education Committee has tentative scheduled a hearing on HB 2484, which would require school districts to provide a sign language interpreter, Braille materials, and assistive technology to students attending private schools in the private school setting.  Currently, the public school gets to decide where these services will be provided after consultation with the parent and with the private school officials. The bill would likely increase the cost of providing these services, but there is no provision to increase state aid to cover these costs. 

Rep. Melissa Rooker, R-Fairway, has introduced HB 2561, which would amend the Kansas school equity and enhancement act regarding the transportation weighting. According to the bill’s official fiscal note, it would adjust the “curve of best fit” in the formula for high-density enrollment school districts to correspond with the Department of Education’s current practice of calculating state aid for the transportation weighting. It was referred to the House K-12 Education Budget Committee and has not yet been scheduled for hearing. 

The House Education Committee introduced HB 2578, which would require school districts to place their anti-bullying plan on the school district’s website with a link prominently posted on the home page of such website, and to distribute annually to parents and guardians of children enrolled in the school district; and to provide the plan to the State Department of Education. As of Tuesday night, it had not been referred to a committee. 

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