House committee advances gun safety program bill

By a close voice vote, the House Federal and State Affairs Committee advanced favorably HB 2460 as amended. The bill will require that if school districts choose to offer gun safety programs they can only offer the NRA sponsored Eddie Eagle programs for grades K-8 or the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Hunters Safety in our Schools program. 

Rep. Stephanie Clayton, R-Overland Park, offered an amendment that would remove the prescribed programs and direct the State Board of Education to establish a curriculum guideline. As well as removing language that directed all students should be given equal access, though the original bill did not explain what that actually intended. 

After a fair amount of discussion and questions among the committee, the amendment failed on a 10-11 vote. The bill was further amended to include grades 6-8 in both the Eddie Eagle program as well as the hunter safety. 

The bill was then passed out favorably by a voice vote, with several members of the committee requesting their vote be on the record. 

The committee also moved out HB 2498, which would prohibit government entities, including school districts, from restricting the wearing of Native American regalia or items of cultural significance at public events. 

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