KASB watching education bills before tomorrow’s deadline

Tomorrow, February 22, is the deadline for non-exempt bills to be considered by the “house of origin,” or the chamber where they were introduced.  

However, it is important to remember that bills which have been introduced by or referred to “exempt” committees are exempt from these deadlines and can still be considered after tomorrow. Also, non-exempt bills can be made exempt if the Speaker of the House or President of the Senate re-refer them to an exempt committee. Finally, the subject matter of bills can be offered as amendments to related bills on the floor of the House and Senate, so even if a bill does not make it past a deadline, it is not necessarily dead for the year.  

The Senate does not have any education bills followed by KASB out of committee at this point.  

Here are the education-related bills KASB is tracking that have been recommended by committees and are on general orders in the House, but have not been scheduled for debate today:  

HB 2460Firearm safety education programs in public schools; if districts have such programs, must be in accordance with NRA Eddie the Eagle or Kansas Wildlife and Parks hunter safety program. KASB opposed provision requiring the program must follow state curriculum standards.  KASB Testimony  

HB 2578School districts; relating to publication of bullying polices; amended to require consequences and responses to bullying; process for reporting and investigation bullying; further amended to restore teacher due process rights as of 2014. KASB in neutral on bullying provision; does not support restoring previous system for teacher due process. KASB TestimonyIn a late development, it appeared there may be vote in the House on this on Thursday. 

HB 2602Creates a task force on dyslexia and related disorders in public schools. KASB opposed the original bill mandating additional dyslexia screening and services; does not oppose task force.  

HB 2701Establishing the statewide broadband expansion task force (KASB Testimony). KASB supports efforts to expand broadband access.   

HB 2674Establishing the Kansas telemedicine act. KASB supports expanded use of telemedicine; believes schools should be included for special education related services.  

HB 2040Citations for overtaking and passing of school buses. KASB did not take a position on the bill.  

The House will take final action today on HB 2498Prohibiting governmental entities (including school districts) from prohibiting the wearing of tribal regalia and objects of cultural significance at public events. KASB did not take a position on the bill.  


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