Outline and links for KASB Live webinar

Here is the outline for KASB weekly Live Update. 

Standing Link, updated daily: 

Review of issues: 

School Finance Studies 

Last week: 

Presentation by Lori Taylor, Jason Willis last Friday/Saturday: Joint committees, practitioners: 

Link to power point on KASB website 

Link to archived streaming video of meeting at KASB with elected officials, school leaders and advocates on KASB Youtube 

Coming Up this Week: 

House K-12 Ed Monday: Update on: Peer Review Report of the Augenblick & Myers study and the Legislative Post Audit study by Dr. Jesse Levin of the American Institutes for Research 

Senate Ed Wednesday: Discussion on: Dr. Jesse Levin – Peer Review of the LPA and Augenblick Studies (Phone In) *Senate Committee Only (Live Stream, Phone In) • Dr. Jesse Levin will discuss his Peer Review of the LPA and Augenblick Studies. • PDF of the review will be released. 

Additional Meetings Scheduled this Month: 

Friday, March 16 –  1:00 p.m. – S. Select Committee on Education Finance and House K-12, Room 346-S; (Live Streamed) • Attorneys Jeff King and Curt Tideman will present overview of Dr. Lori Taylor’s study. • PDF of the study will be released. 

Monday, March 19 – 1:00 p.m. – S. Select Committee on Education Finance and House K-12 Budget, Room 346-S (Live Streamed) • Dr. Lori Taylor and Jason Willis will present an overview of their new study. 

Monday, March 26 – 1:00 p.m. – S. Select Committee on Education Finance and House K-12 Budget, Room 346-S (Live Streamed) • Dr. Jesse Levin will present overview of Peer Review of Lori Taylor study. • PDF of the peer review will be released. 


Transportation Funding 

Hearings Thursday in House K-12 Education Budget (1:30 p.m.) 

(Bills in Response to LPA Study transportation audit) 

*HB 2561 – Amending the Kansas school equity and enhancement act regarding the transportation weighting (2018) – Puts “minimum payment” step into law as recommended by LPA. 

*HB 2697 – Amending the transportation weighting calculation. (2018) Increases cost factor as suggested by LPA, cost $4 million. 

Neither bill addresses “payment” issue – (Around $10 million per year for large districts) 

KASB resources: 


On House General Orders, expected this week: 

*HB 2757 – Due process for terminating teacher contracts. (2018) 

Restores previous law; KASB supports board decision subject to review; some Legislators looking for compromise (contact your House members about your position). 

*HB 2758 – Publication of school district bullying policies. (2018) 

Proposed because of concerns districts aren’t doing enough or following current law. KASB believes current bill acceptable. Amendments expected put more requirements on districts. (Contact your House members about your local policies, concerns about new requirements.) 


Revenue Issues: 

State Revenues Up (Again) – $275 million ahead of November estimate – February Receipts Update 

Hearing in House Taxation Tuesday and Wednesday 

*HB 2740 – Increasing the statewide property tax levy for schools. (2018) Raise mill levy about 6 mills each of next three years to 38.43, over $600 million 

Hearing held in House Taxation yesterday 

*HB 2756 – Internet sales; $78 million state general fund revenues in 2019. (2018) Hearing held 3/1 

Hearing in Senate Assessment and Taxation 

“Dark Stores” Valuation issues – impact of property tax revenues 


Bills from Last Week “Turn Around” 

*HB 2460 – Firearm safety education programs in public schools; if districts have such programs must be in accordance with NRA Eagle the Eagle or Kansas Wildlife and Parks hunter safety program.  KASB Testimony (2018) – Passed over on general orders 

HB 2602 – Creates a task force on dyslexia and related disorders in public schools. (2018) Passed House 110-7 – Senate Education 

*HB 2674 — Establishing the Kansas telemedicine act. Passed House 117-0 – Senate Public Health and Welfare 

HB 2701 — Establishing the statewide broadband expansion task force KASB Testimony (2018) Passed House 117-0 – Referred separately to Commerce and Utilities) Hearing Friday March 9 

*HB 2040Citations for overtaking and passing of school buses captured on camera (2017) Passed House 117-0 – Senate Transportation 

HB 2498Prohibiting governmental entities (including school districts) from prohibiting the wearing of tribal regalia and objects of cultural significance at public events. (2018) – Senate Federal and State Affairs. Hearing 3/5 


Other Issues: 

Senate Education: School meals; “food shaming,” local policies – survey 

Senate Education: High and Low enrollment weightings; out of state students 

House K-12 Education Budget: CTE study – will it continue? 

House K-12 Education Budget: Early Childhood (Tuesday/Wednesday) 

Senate Education Concurrent Enrollment (Thursday) 


Federal Issues  

Impact of President Trump’s Budget proposals: $48 million cuts to Kansas schools; $1.1 billion nationally to promote school choice with private school funding. 

Link to new KASB report 


Other resources from KASB 

Explaining school district cash balances; yearly and monthly trends, comparing district balance to expenditures, state general fund and GFOA guidelines. Blog and PDF. 

Cost and impact of expenditures to improve graduation rates. Blog  

Restoring funding for students and teachers – survey results. Blog  

K-12 aid is not taking a larger share of state general fund budget. Blog  

KAB position on school funding in response to Gannon: investing in education improves Kansas prosperity. Link  

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