Higher education students want in on Gannon lawsuit

Student leaders at Kansas’ public universities say higher education should be included in considerations of school funding related to the Gannon lawsuit. 

The Kansas Supreme Court has said the K-12 finance system is inadequate and ordered the Legislature to propose a remedy by April 30. 

The Students’ Advisory Committee, made up of student body presidents of regents universities, said in a legal brief filed Wednesday that Article 6 of the Kansas Constitution, which mandates the “legislature shall make suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state,” applies to higher education as well as K-12. 

And the college students argue that funding decisions for public schools have had an impact on higher education. 

“Furthermore, no consideration has been given to the impact that the Court’s decision mandating increased funding for K-12 education, and the Legislature’s response to that decision, will have on higher education. Amicus will provide a compelling statistical demonstration that in the past decade students in Kansas’ institutions of higher education have been forced to pay more for less: skyrocketing tuition, shorter academic terms and shrinking faculties.” 

The Students’ Advisory Committee has asked the court to be able to file a friend of the court, or amicus  brief, in the lawsuit. 

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