KASB Report: What school finance means to Kansas

KASB’s Mark Tallman, associate executive director for advocacy, has prepared a report about Kansas’ investment in public school education and what it means for the future of our state. 

Here is the link to the report entitled: “School Finance in the Court, Legislature and Schools: What it Means to Kansas.” 

The report shows that funding is directly linked to the success of our students and the success of our students is directly linked to the economic health of Kansas. 

We urge all our members to use information in this timely report as they advocate on behalf of public schools. The Kansas education community is entering a critical period in school finance because of the Gannon lawsuit, the Legislature’s response and the 2018 election cycle.  

In addition, KASB would welcome invitations to present this report to any group wanting to know more about the importance of adequately and equitably investing in public schools in Kansas.  

For more information, contact: 

Mark Tallman at mtallman@kasb.org 

Leah Fliter at lfliter@kasb.org 

Rob Gilligan at rgilligan@kasb.org 

Scott Rothschild at srothschild@kasb.org 

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