State Board awaits court ruling in school finance

Kansas State Board of Education members Tuesday said they will probably wait for the Kansas Supreme Court to rule on the school finance system before making a K-12 budget recommendation.

“I think it’s foolish,” to try to decide before the court issues a ruling in the long running Gannon lawsuit, State Board Chairman Jim Porter said.

Usually, the State Board reviews budget options for the next two fiscal years at its June meeting, then makes a recommendation in July to give the Kansas State Department of Education adequate time to prepare the agency budget to send to the Kansas Division of the Budget by Sept. 15.

Now, however, the court is reviewing the new school finance law, which was approved in response to an earlier court order to provide adequate and equitable funding. The plan would increase school funding by approximately $500 million over five years.

The court has said it intends to rule by June 30.

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