Reaction to Kansas Supreme Court’s Gannon VI ruling

In an anxiously awaited decision, the Kansas Supreme Court said the state’s school finance system fails to adequately fund K-12 but gave the Legislature another year to fix the law and add more funding, thus allowing next school year to start as scheduled.

Here is some reaction to Kansas Supreme Court decision:

Gov. Jeff Colyer
As a doctor, I know it is important to see continuous improvement. We will maintain a sharp focus on sending dollars to the classroom without raising taxes. I look forward to building upon the work we did together this year to address the remaining issues identified in the ruling.

Schools for Fair Funding
The court has ruled that school finance remains inadequate.They have given the Legislature an extension of time and a roadmap to solve the inadequacy. We hope the Legislature acts quickly so that Kansas kids get the resources they need.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Barnett
The Supreme Court got it right Monday in ruling that the school funding amount passed by the 2018 Legislature still needs to be adjusted for inflation to meet constitutional muster. The time for judicial disparaging has passed. We need a governor who will lead us beyond in-fighting over school funding that has been the hallmark of the governor’s office under Brownback and Colyer.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach
The business of funding schools belongs with the representatives of the people — not seven, unelected judges. The Court’s Gannon decision today illustrates how the Court is now micromanaging every dollar spent on education even down to calculating adjustments for inflation.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Selzer
We need more accountability in our election spending. If we don’t have leadership in the governor’s office, we will continuously have costly litigation. This is why my business and management background and experience as a Certified Public Accountant make me the most qualified candidate for governor.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Carl Brewer
We can’t keep treating our students as though they only deserve the bare minimum. Their education is vital to our state’s future. We have a moral obligation to give our kids, who will enter the national and global workforce, an education that gives them a chance at success.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Laura Kelly
We all know that schools are the key to a strong economy and a bright future for our state. I’m grateful for the Court’s work and I respect its decision. We will work together in the coming year to fully fund our schools and give all children the opportunities they deserve.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Svaty
To begin with, we need a Legislature that completes the budget in March instead of May or June. An on-time budget allows school districts to plan for class sizes, course offerings, staffing needs, capital outlay, and summer activities in advances of the new school year. When the Legislature delays the budget until June, schools have no time to adjust.

Independent gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman
Today’s Kansas Supreme Court decision acknowledges the Legislature’s efforts to adequately and equitably fund Kansas schools, but the Legislature’s work remains incomplete. As governor, I will work with the courts and legislators on both sides of the aisle to remedy the remaining adequacy concerns.

Senate President Susan Wagle
Today, the unelected bureaucrats of the Kansas Supreme Court chose to continue the endless cycle of school litigation, leading us down the road to an unavoidable tax increase.

KASB’s Mark Tallman, associate executive director for advocacy and communications
KASB is glad that schools will open as scheduled, the court has provided sound direction in helping the Legislature finish its business and we look forward to working with legislators on resolving this issue. The court decision also points out the need for voters to remain engaged in the discussion over school finance.

KNEA President Mark Farr
Today is a step forward for Kansas kids and communities and ensures that we will continue the progress the Legislature made in 2018 to constitutionally fund our public schools

Kansas Center for Economic Growth
The Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling today underlies the importance of sensible budget policy as Kansas works to recover from the catastrophic Brownback tax experiment.

Newton USD 373 Superintendent Deborah Hamm
School’s on for 2018-19! Stay tuned for the next legislative session.

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