Subcommittee on dyslexia task force starts work

A subcommittee of the Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia held its first meeting Friday and started work on its charge to research and recommend high quality pre-service and in-service development activities to address reading difficulties.
Subcommittee members said colleges of education should be encouraged or required to teach information contained within the science of reading so teachers will better identify students who are struggling readers and provide better interventions.
The task force was established by the Legislature and told to make recommendations by mid-January 2019.
In addition to recommending professional development activities to address reading difficulties, the task force is directed to:
— Research and recommend evidence-based reading practices to address dyslexia or characteristics of dyslexia for use by schools;
— Study and examine current state and federal law, rules and regulations, and the implementation of such laws and rules and regulations that affect students with dyslexia;
— Identify valid and reliable screening and evaluation assessments and protocols that can be used, as well as the appropriate personnel to administer the assessments, to identify children with reading difficulties such as dyslexia or the characteristics of dyslexia.

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