KASB report comparing Kansas student achievement, funding to other states to be released Thursday

KASB will release a new report on how Kansas compares to other states on student achievement, K-12 funding and allocation of resources at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. 

The report will be presented by KASB Associate Executive Director Mark Tallman and Research Specialist Ted Carter via a YouTube Live stream from the KASB office. Media and others can ask questions via chat, or in person at the KASB office, 1420 SW Arrowhead in Topeka. Both Tallman and Carter will be available for phone interviews after the presentation. 

The report will focus on two major trends: Kansas education measures, while still high overall, have been falling behind growth in other states in recent years. Second, since 2008, Kansas per pupil funding has been lagging most other states, especially those with the highest overall achievement. 


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