Kansas ranks last in good-paying jobs that don’t require a B.A., new study says

A new study says there are a lot of good paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree, although Kansas ranks last in this category. 
The Good Jobs that Pay without a B.A. report says there are 30 million jobs in the U.S. that have a median salary of $55,000 and don’t require a Bachelor’s degree. Still, most of these jobs require some post-secondary education. 
Kansas, however, ranked last in the nation in the share of good-paying jobs for workers without a B.A., according to the study conducted by the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce in collaboration with JP Morgan Chase & Co.  
The report’s key finding is that while traditional blue-collar jobs that required a high school diploma or less are disappearing, they are being replaced by skilled-services jobs, such as financial services and health services, which tend to require some postsecondary training and education. 
The study found that Wyoming has the largest share of good jobs for workers without a B.A., followed by New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and Utah. In the bottom five was Kansas, which was ranked last, New Mexico, Mississippi, the District of Columbia and North Carolina. 
The study concludes that policymakers should increase educational and occupational pathways for workers to restore middle class. 
“In the golden era of manufacturing, the pathways to good jobs were straightforward. A young person could leave high school and, with modest additional training, land a good job on the factory floor or in a mine. In today’s labor market, the pathways to good jobs have become more complex,” the report said.  

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