New state school funding going toward student success, teachers

Having received the first real funding increase in years, Kansas schools are using that money in targeted areas to improve student success in addition to reinvesting in their teachers. 

KASB asked school districts to provide summaries of how they are investing new state dollars. So far, approximately 50 districts have responded. Now, KASB will report those findings over the next several weeks. KASB will be posting these findings on Facebook and Twitter.  

School boards are restoring staff that had been cut, implementing programs aimed at helping learners in the early grades, beefing up efforts to focus on struggling students and investing in teachers. 

Until this year, school operating budgets have trailed inflation since 2009 and teacher salaries had fallen more than eight percent below inflation since 2010. 

This year, the Legislature approved a $200 million increase in school funding and scheduled another $100 million increase next year. 

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