Schedule of upcoming education-related meetings

Here is a look at state meetings with education implications KASB will be following over the next several weeks. 

October 17-18 – State Board of Education.  (Link to meeting materials.) Tuesday will include a twice-yearly report from the Coalition of Innovative Districts; the Commissioner’s annual report and Kansans Can vision progress summary; amendment to accreditation regulations; update on Career and Technical Education; recognition of October as Bullying Prevention Awareness Month; and a discussion on education matters with U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder. 

Wednesday will include reports from the Kansas Alliance for the Arts in Education; Update on School Redesign – Mercury and Gemini Projects; and Recognition of National PTA School of Excellence Recipients from Kansas. 

October 19-20 – Special Committee on Health. 9:30 a.m., Statehouse room 548-S both days. Demonstration of telemedicine technologies; study of telemedicine – presentations from individuals, providers, and organizations; roundtable discussion of telemedicine; committee comments and recommendations.  Possible implications for special education and other health services for students. (Link to committee information.) 

October 24 – Kansas School Mental Health Advisory Council, Washburn Tech, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Agenda unavailable.) 

October 27 – Special Committee on Elections, 9 a.m., Statehouse room 582-N. Presentations on Ranked Choice Voting. (Link to committee information.) 

October 30 – Legislative Coordinating Council.  2 p.m., Statehouse room 548-S. Meeting of legislative leaders; could discuss actions in response to Gannon school finance decision prior to session and other legislative matters. 

November 1-2 – Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice, 9 a.m., Statehouse room 346-S. Wednesday: Among other topics: discussion of juvenile justice reform implementation. Thursday: among other topics: discussion of the impact of juvenile adjudications and diversions; committee comments and recommendations. (Link to committee information.) 



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