SBR: President’s Perspective: Kansas children have remained the focus throughout KASB’s history

by Dayna Miller
KASB President
Basehor-Linwood USD 458

Fall is such an exciting time of year. There are so many activities in so many areas of my life, important traditions that I look forward to each year. Our district’s BandCats have a competition almost every weekend – a special tradition in my household – and our sports teams and academic teams are competing. Our schools are filled with busy teachers and students, and there are so many new initiatives underway! 

Wearing my parent hat, we have attended college football games, parents’ days, concerts and undertaken multiple “I forgot, will you bring…” trips in the past. We have family dinners to plan so that grandparents are involved in the experience.  

Each year, I look forward to the KASB Fall Summit/Regional Meetings as well as the Annual Conference in December. This year, KASB went back to the “old format” of holding Regional Meetings in each of the regions. I had the opportunity to travel with the team to a part of the state where I have only traveled through a few times in my lifetime.  

I learned so much from the presentations and visits. I know that our mission as board members is to educate all students.  In my recent travels I was reminded that we are all struggling with the same issues. 

This fall has also given us a chance to reflect on KASB’s history and remember that we also share that common mission with those past board members. If you have been reading the information KASB has been sharing about our history, you can see that from the beginning of the Association, board members were committed to making sure our public schools gave every child in Kansas the opportunities they need to succeed. 

This has been such a fun year to serve as KASB President. During KASB’s 100 Years of Service, 72 board of education members have served as president. In the early years of KASB’s development, many of the presidents served multiple terms.   

The annual conference will include many touchstones of celebration for the Association’s 100th, including a reception and dinner Saturday night. There are 34 living past presidents of the Association, and an invitation was extended to each of them to attend the conference. At this point, KASB has received confirmation from 25 past presidents who plan to attend.  

I hope you join us in Wichita Dec. 1-3 to help us remember, celebrate and “imagine our future”! 


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