KASB resolution calls for funding levels to give all students opportunity to succeed, retain quality teachers

School board members from across Kansas have approved a resolution that calls for an increase in school funding to give all students an opportunity to succeed and retain effective teachers. 

The Delegate Assembly of the Kansas Association of School Boards approved the “Reinvest, Redesign, Results” resolution Sunday in a unanimous vote at the association’s annual meeting in Wichita. The resolution is part of KASB’s Legislative Committee Report, which includes KASB’s policies and positions.

The resolution states that the Kansas Supreme Court’s recent ruling that the current school finance system is inadequate gives the Legislature an opportunity to work with local school boards and the State Board of Education to provide a long-term plan for K-12 education. 

The resolution doesn’t recommend a special amount of funding increase but says an adequate finance system would depend on historical patterns of funding and outcomes of rising educational attainment, funding in states with higher outcomes than Kansas and the cost of programs that have shown success, such as preschool and reading interventions. 

Schools must be funded at high enough levels to provide teachers and staff with competitive salaries with other states and professions; pay for programs that provide results for all students and help high risk students; fully fund special education and prepare students for post-secondary and career success. 

“The Legislature should now address the Court’s adequacy issues by working with the State Board of Education and local school boards to develop a long-term plan based on the goals Kansas needs to achieve and a credible estimate of the resources required to reach those goals,” the resolution states. “Such a plan would involve a partnership between the three institutions with constitutional responsibility for K-12 education in Kansas, as well as higher education, other state agencies and local communities.” 


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