About Us

KASB members are unified school district boards, community college boards of trustees, area vocational-technical college boards and boards of cooperatives, interlocals and regional service centers. Vendors, exhibitors and other service providers can also become members. Currently the association represents 285 school districts and 42 interlocals, cooperatives, service centers, community colleges and technical colleges.

Your KASB membership gives you an indispensable partner and access to proven solutions to your unique challenges and opportunities. We are your support, your champion and your advocate.

That’s powerful ROI: Results on investment!

Services supported by dues include those of general interest to the entire membership, including advocacy, lobbying, research, communications and association publications and and information on special topics. KASB charges a separate fee for services that members use selectively, such as the annual convention, seminars, workshops and special interest publications and training materials.

To find out more, contact Austin Harris, Director of Member Engagement.

Full Membership

Boards of education of unified school districts and the boards of trustees of community junior colleges and the boards of control of area vocational schools paying dues to KASB are entitled to full membership privileges. These privileges are extended to superintendents, presidents, clerks and designated administrative personnel of the member organizations.

Emeritus Member

As a former member of a board of education or board of trustees of a KASB member, you are eligible for an Emeritus Membership.  Emeritus members are entitled to all the privileges of membership (except the right to vote and hold elective office). You'll also be eligible to take advantage of the KASB services you've come to rely on for up-to-date education news and the many ways you can make a difference!