Kansas School Board Member Profiles

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Dear Kansas School Board Member,

One of the great features of Kansas public schools is that they are operated at the local level by you — local board members who are elected by local voters.

Kansas school board members - you are our neighbors, co-workers, friends and relatives. We can talk to you at the grocery store, at sporting events or other public venues.

But sometimes your long hours of work and commitment on behalf of our students isn’t recognized. KASB wants to give you an opportunity to let the public know who you are and what makes you so passionate about Kansas public schools.

KASB would like to profile every school board member in Kansas, but we need your help. Please respond to these questions, send us a photo of yourself and we will feature your profile in our daily News Briefs email and social media. You may feel shy about doing this but sharing your passion with the public helps Kansas public education because it shows Kansans that their schools are in good hands.

Send your responses to Scott Rothschild at srothschild@kasb.org OR fill out and submit the form below.

Not sure? Contact Scott to learn more or how to nominate someone for a profile!

Here are the questions. If you can, please answer them in one or two sentences.

  • Name
  • School District
  • How long have you been a school board member?
  • Why did you decide to become a board member?
  • What do you do outside of being a board member?
  • What experience do you bring to the table that will improve your local school district?
  • As a board member, what is the top goal you have this year?
  • What is a saying or quote that you live by?
  • Who was an adult you looked up to when you were growing up and why?
  • Who was your favorite teacher and why?

To share your story now, please fill out the below form and attached a high res picture we can use with the story. Then watch the KASB News Briefs and website for your profile to appear!

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Kansas School Board Member Profiles