Connect with KASB

Opportunities to Connect

As a member-based association, active participation by you as a member is vital. KASB provides a number of ways to become involved in the Association through its board of directors, special committees and advocacy initiatives. In addition, KASB members are appointed to advisory committees by other state agencies and often asked to provide input and advice on public education-related topics.

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Informed. Involved. In KASB.

We need you! And the best part about it? You and your district/organization will benefit! Here are a few ways to get the most from your KASB membership.

  • Join us for seminars and workshops held throughout the year. Be sure to respond to evaluations to help us continue to improve!
  • Attend Fall Summits and Summer Advocacy Workshops.
  • Participate in New Board Member Training or serve as a mentor.
  • Make sure you are subscribed to KASB publications and emails.
  • Respond to surveys and questionnaires.
  • Don’t miss the KASB Annual Conference in December!
  • Get to know your Regional Vice-President and let them know your interests.
  • Expand your knowledge and involvement in national issues by joining KASB-NSBA’s National Connection.
  • Ask to place KASB information on your local board agenda and discuss during meetings.
  • Volunteer your district to host on-site KASB meetings.
  • Get involved in your KASB Region and network with other board members!
  • Apply for KASB’s Leadership for Tomorrow program.
  • Serve as your district’s delegate to the annual Delegate Assembly.
  • Volunteer for one of KASB’s standing committees or governing boards.

KASB currently has two leadership development programs: Leadership for Tomorrow and KASB BOLD (Business Operations Leadership Development). These programs provide board members and district-level administrators with opportunities to enhance leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of the issues that unite us all in a common mission: Success for All Students!


Federal Advocacy

The Association monitors national education issues through its federal relations initiatives. Each year KASB members represent Kansas at the national level through involvement in the National School Boards Association’s advocacy seminar. This includes advocacy training, briefings on national issues and meetings with elected officials in Washington, D.C. The Association may convene a special committee or task force to study national issues and develop recommendations to the Board of Directors.

KASB currently has two standing committees

Nominating Committee

The president of the Association appoints a nominating committee in late spring of each year. The committee includes one member from each KASB region.  The Committee meets for one day during the month of September.

Nominating Committee Duties:

  • Review applications and interview candidates for the office of president-elect designee.
  • Select one or more nominees.
  • Present the Nominating Committee findings at regional meetings held in the fall.
  • Report the nominee(s) to the Delegate Assembly held in conjunction with the annual conference.

Legislative Committee

The president of the Association appoints members to the Legislative Committee in late spring of each year. Committee members serve three-year terms and can serve two consecutive terms in addition to any unexpired term they were appointed to fill.

The Committee includes one member from each KASB region. The immediate past-president serves as chairman of the Committee. The Committee meets two to three times in late summer/early fall and then once during annual conference.

Legislative Committee Duties:

  • Review current legislation relating to KASB policy positions.
  • Review input from the membership regarding legislative issues.
  • Review KASB priority issues and establish legislative priorities.
  • Report to the KASB Delegate Assembly recommended additions and changes to current policy.

KASB Governance Begins with Our Members

Delegate Assembly

Each year membership governing boards selects one voting delegate and at least one alternate to the Association's Delegate Assembly. The Delegate Assembly meets once a year during annual conference. The KASB Constitution also includes provisions for a special meeting of the Delegate Assembly at the call of the president. The Delegate Assembly elects the Association's president-elect designee and discusses and approves legislative priorities for the coming year. The Delegate Assembly can consider amendments to the Association's Constitution.

Board of Directors

The KASB Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association.  The board consists of the president, president-elect, immediate past president and fifteen regional vice-presidents and meets five times per year. Other meetings can be scheduled as needed.

Any current Kansas board of education member in good standing and whose school district is a current member of KASB can file and run for president.

Candidates for the office of president-elect designee should have some prior service to the Association. The KASB Board of Directors encourages any local school board member interested in this leadership opportunity to seek personal involvement in the Association, either through committee work, as a member of the Association’s Federal Relations initiatives or as a regional vice-president.

The window to submit an application for candidacy is open from approximately June through August. Specific deadlines are announced each year in Association publications and can also be found online at

To learn more about the KASB Board of Directors and Regions, click here!

Regional vice-presidents are elected during regional meetings at the KASB annual conference. They serve three-year terms and can serve two consecutive terms in addition to any unexpired term they may be appointed to fill.

Individual school board members can participate in the leadership of the Association without spending significant time in Topeka!

Ad-Hoc Committees

The KASB Board of Directors forms ad hoc committees to initiate studies of special topics. In the past these committees have studied school finance, school efficiency and career-technical education.

Committee meetings/work is determined by the task given to each committee. Typically each committee produces a report back to the board of directors with recommendations for further action or study.

Workers Compensation Fund Board of Trustees

The Workers Compensation Fund, Inc. is governed by a board of trustees appointed by the KASB Board. Members of the Work Comp board must be from districts that are a current subscriber of the fund.