Our Mission and Vision

Serving Educational Leaders, Inspiring Student Success

KASB is a not-for-profit organization located in Topeka, Kansas and dedicated to serving members of governing boards for unified school districts, community colleges, area vocational-technical schools and cooperatives, interlocals and regional service centers.

KASB will...
  • Support a culture of collaboration and service.
  • Be a voice of public education.
  • Provide leadership for student success.

KASB is governed by a Board of Directors composed of school board members from throughout Kansas. The Board meets five times each year, with day-to-day operations of the association assigned to the staff.

We believe...
  • All students can learn.Education encompasses lifelong learning.
  • An educated and responsible citizenry is essential to a free and changing society.
  • Universal public education is a fundamental right.
  • Local control of public education is the cornerstone of our democratic system of government.
  • The responsibility for providing suitable and equitable funding rests with the state of Kansas.
  • Public education prepares students for a diverse, global society.
  • Leadership impacts student achievement.
Operational Beliefs . . .
  • Innovation is necessary for continuous improvement.
  • Trust, integrity and honesty are necessary for credibility.
  • Goals are best accomplished through teamwork and collaboration with others.
  • Success depends on an informed, engaged board, membership, and staff.
  • Leadership requires honoring diversity of thought and opinions.
  • Transparency is necessary for integrity.

Approved by the KASB Board of Directors - January 21, 2012