KASB gives members access to a wide range of products and services to save time and money – with a focus on maximizing efficiency and trimming operating costs.

KASB Prestigious Partners

P1 Group, Inc., based in Lenexa, Kansas, is a vendor-neutral, single-source provider for all things facilities-related. P1 Group’s K-12 offerings help to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with owning and operating school facilities, thus allowing more flexibility to spend resources on what matters most – our kids and their education. P1 Group, Inc.’s roots date back to 1919 when it began as a family-owned contractor in Kansas City. It has since grown to be one of the nation’s premier specialty contractors with over 900 employees and offices in Lenexa, Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan, Salina, Wichita, St. Joseph and Las Vegas.

Partnership Letter to Members (August 2017)

Partnership Announcement (July 2015)

k12itc delivers customized services for K-12 school districts, no matter the size. Based in Kansas City, k12itc has developed a model that leverages a special mix of cloud computing and on-site support, enabling districts to achieve better technology support at a lower cost.

Top Ten Reasons to Outsource Technology (March 2018)

Partnership Announcement (November 2014)

Established in 1978, Opaa! is a family-owned business that works with school districts to deliver a quality, cost effective, food management system. From menu planning, labor management and computerized nutritional analysis to inventory forecasting, Opaa! provides a much needed solution for school systems experiencing a need for food management expertise. Opaa! works with local districts to tailor a child nutrition program that meets local needs, then incorporates locally grown farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. They combine high quality foods with proven purchasing production strategies to deliver superior meals and service.

Partnership Announcement (November 2014)

Partnership Stories

Parsons USD 503 and Turner USD 202 (October 2017)

Huguton USD 210 (November 2016)

Eldorado USD 490 (March 2016)

Iola USD 257 (March 2015)


KASB Endorsed Solutions

KASB’s Newest Member Benefit!

NSBA BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative

The National School Boards Association's BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is sponsored by various national and statewide associations around the country. Membership in the Cooperative is open to all types of local government agencies in all states and membership is free.

BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative streamlines the purchasing process for schools, municipalities, and other public entities across the nation—and membership is free!

  • Complimentary Membership through KASB: School districts, universities and government agencies can join for free.
  • Cost Savings: BuyBoard leverages the power of nationwide volume, so prices are often lower than an entity can get on its own.
  • Efficiency: BuyBoard’s RFQ functionality allows members to request pricing on volume needs from multiple vendors.
  • Compliance: BuyBoard provides members with local and state procurement requirements and  a documented audit trail.
  • World-Class Vendors & Service: You’ll have access to a wide range of vetted companies that offer quality products, equipment and services.

Patron Insight and RNA Communications.

Patron Insight is a long-time supplier to school districts in Kansas:

  • They have 25 years of experience helping school districts understand and connect to patrons.
  • Their services include pre-election research, citizen’s advisory committees and communication audits.
  • They provide collection and interpretation of data and information districts need to make better decisions. This gives you access to information from key stakeholders who rarely speak up, but whose support is vital.

RNA Communications is a marketing firm with deep experience working with government agencies, municipalities, not-for-profits and other public entities.

  • They provide marketing and advertising services to non-profits, municipalities and public entities.
  • Their fees are structured to support the budgets of non-profit client.
  • The staff includes professionals with more than 100 years combined experience.

To learn more, visit the websites and sign-up for the informative Patron Insight, Inc. newsletter or email

Partnership Announcement March 2018

Patron Insight, Inc. and RNA Communications join endorsed provider program
April 2018 School Board Review

KASB endorses BoardDocs' paperless eGovernance solution! 

As the pioneer of board management services, BoardDocs has helped over 2,000 organizations dramatically lower costs, increase transparency and reduce the time spent producing board packets by up to 75 percent. Going way beyond simply distributing PDF files, KASB BoardDocs cloud-based solutions are so easy to use, your organization will operate more effectively from day one. KASB BoardDocs' next-generation services allow organizations to significantly improve the way they create and manage board packets, access information and conduct meetings.

Subscriber Stories

Ellis USD 388 find success with BoardDocs LT (April 2017)

Hesston USD 460 increases effectiveness with BoardDocs (May 2015)