August School Board Review focuses on the difficult decisions that education leaders must make

As schools reopen, the August issue of School Board Review focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic and the tough decisions local school boards have been making on when and how to start school.

In her President’s Perspective column, KASB President Lori Blake urges education leaders to use this unprecedented time “to ensure the voices who need to be heard are amplified.”

As education leaders navigate change, KASB Executive Director John Heim encourages them to do their due diligence. “This is not a time for echo chambers, Facebook research, or YouTube solutions. It is a time to be inquisitive and not dogmatic, to seek first to understand, then to be understood. It is time to search for answers by breaking down barriers, not drawing lines in the sand,” Heim writes in his “I’m From Kansas” column.

The August SBR provides in-depth analysis on how different local experiences with the virus may affect how school leaders have decided when to start school.

The issue also reviews the recent Kansas primary results and what that might mean for education and the situation at the federal level on the prospects of additional K-12 funding to address the pandemic.

Important information is provided on how to use COVID-19 data on the Kansas Department of Health and Environment website to work through the challenges of opening schools.

And the August issue answers the numerous legal questions on what school districts must do, can do and should do concerning health and safety precautions.

We know that education leaders are receiving input from many sources, including parents, teachers, students, politicians and health experts. We hope this issue of SBR will help education leaders as they make difficult decisions.

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