9-0 at the Break!

9-0 at the Break!

Three months ago I announced that we are going to the Super Bowl!  Many of you expressed doubt about my prediction, even to the point of questioning my sanity.  Now the Chiefs are 9-0, maybe 10-0 by the time you read this.  How do you like me now?  Of course the premise of the previous column was to make the point about getting better every year, and every day.  We know about the Chiefs, so how has KASB been doing at getting better?  

When I started in this position over three years ago now, I travelled the state and asked our members how we were doing.  The response I got was that we have great services, especially in the advocacy and legal department.  If we were the Chiefs, these programs would be our strong defense.  (Does that make Tallman the KASB Tamba?)

The questions that I got were about our leadership programs.  What were we doing to help improve district leadership teams, to help improve student achievement?  The first step in answering this question was to ask the board if we are committed to this service.  The answer was a resounding yes as the board set a new mission for KASB of focusing on Service, Advocacy, and Student Achievement.  

This is the equivalent of ownership telling the team’s GM we want to focus on the offense too, and that is what we did.  As a long-time Denver-hater it is hard for me to acknowledge this, but when Denver added Peyton Manning and Wes Welker to their offense, production improved. The stats tell the story.  Best offense in the NFL.   At KASB, the stats tell the story as well.

In the 2010 school year, the KASB Leadership Department did 12 superintendent searches, no strategic plans, 21 onsite board trainings, and one MCREL Leadership Training.  Compare that with the past 12 months:  KASB has done 21 superintendent searches (up 9), seven strategic plans (up 7), 88 onsite board trainings (up an astounding 67) and provided seven MCREL Leadership Trainings.  Over the past three years, forty districts have trained their entire leadership team in the MCREL Leadership Model and two of the state’s largest districts have started training their staff. One hundred one districts have been trained by KASB staff on using the MCREL evaluation system for teachers, principals, and/or superintendents.  The improvement is Peytonesque.

My Chiefs don’t have Denver’s offense, but KASB has added a great offensive team to an already tough defense.  This will help us serve you better.  If you are looking to improve your student achievement, you would be remiss in not contacting our Leadership Services to see how they can help.

It also bears mention that KASB’s Insurance services performing at high levels.  To extend the metaphor, they might be the special teams of our team.  In the past year, KASB Worker’s Comp gave a refund back to past members, and added 17 members to the pool (21% growth).  Our property and casualty insurance has taken off, increasing membership by growing from zero three years ago to 17 districts now, and we keep giving new quotes.  If you are looking to improve your coverage possibly save some money in the process, give them a call.

The Chiefs may not make it to the Super Bowl, but they are getting better every day.  At KASB, there is no Super Bowl, but every day your districts are under the same microscope as championship teams.  We aim to help you avoid distractions, stay focused, and to get better every day.  We do this by getting better ourselves.