Can More Money Fix America’s Schools?

Can More Money Fix America’s Schools?

The following post presents research or analyses from outside KASB and is presented for information purposes.  KASB neither endorses nor refutes the conclusions or recommendations contained herein.

for your consideration.gifIn April, NPR ran a story called “Can More Money Fix America’s Schools?” You can find the article here.

The article is actually a leaping-off point for NPR’s “School Money: The Cost of Opportunity” series, which can be found here.

The takeaways from the article, according to the author, are:
  • Money isn’t pixie dust. If it were, there would be no school funding debate. 
  • Money does matter – especially for low income students. 
  • Money should reach those students who need it most. 
  • For extra money to have an impact, it can’t just be a one or two year boost; it needs to be a steady increase over many years. 
  • Money needs to be focused in the classroom instead of on support costs. 

But the main point the author makes is this; the How You Spend versus How Much You Spend debate should not be a debate at all. Each depends on the other.

KASB does not necessarily agree with the notion that Kansas schools are all “broken” and need “fixing,” but we do agree that both how much is spent and how it is spent are important.

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