Conference: Live and learn together

Conference: Live and learn together

Last month’s column about how much times have changed for kids today was well received. I appreciate the positive comments from readers and felt good about the points made in the column. As usual, positive feelings were short-lived.

This time, the wet blanket came in the form of the November edition of the Scientific American in an article titled ironically, `The Kids Are Alright,’ for the band that defined “My Generation.”

The article argues that the research on social media and its effect on young people is being misused and misinterpreted. So, there you go, pesky facts getting in the way of an otherwise solid thought experiment. Check it out and decide for yourself!

That’s the beauty of learning, thinking and conversing about issues of importance to education. It allows us to refine and define our ideas and thoughts about research and best practice.
Kansas board members have an opportunity to do just that Dec. 6-8 at the KASB Annual Conference. Last Spring, KASB commissioned Patron Insights to study why board members do, and don’t come to convention. Based upon that research, we have made some changes for this year.

Networking and learning from other districts was the No. 1 reason folks listed for attending convention. We have added more opportunities for just that in the form of an extended reception and Friday evening “dine-arounds.”

We have also changed the vendor show to Saturday so everyone has a chance to meet and interact with vendors, added another general session on Sunday, and are implementing a new voting method at Delegate Assembly. Thank you to the 300 board members and superintendents who took the time to participate in the research. We are eager to show you that we listened. So, mark your calendar, pack your suitcase, and come to Wichita. We can promise lots of learning, thoughtful discussions, and maybe even a little fun!