Help Wanted: Great Opportunity to Shape the Future. Long Hours. No Pay.

Help Wanted: Great Opportunity to Shape the Future. Long Hours. No Pay.

Positions Available! *

USD XYZ is a full-service education organization focused on preparing all children to be successful citizens. We are known for some of the best results in the country and are proud of our student’s success in academics, social and emotional growth, the arts, and careers.

• Our district is focused on success for all students.
• We believe in providing the best education possible to insure the success of all students.

The Position: We’re looking for a school board member with good judgement, focus, good listening skills and a sense of goodwill for our children and community. We need a team-player who knows how to work together with others to set and monitor goals for our future. Applicants should be altruistic advocates who are respectful, brave, collaborative, inquisitive, and have time to commit to the children of our community.

• We offer long hours and no pay.
• We also offer the sense of accomplishment that comes with helping shape our community and country’s future.

The Location: USD XYZ schools are located right here in your community. This is a great place to live because of our great schools and sense of community.

Why Should You Apply?
• Opportunity to work with other elected officials with similar goals.
• Opportunity to work with professional staff who are committed to our children.
• Opportunity for advancement to school board officer.
• Opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children.

Deadline for Application: June 1, 2017. Position starts in January 2018.
For more information, contact your local school district office.

*Every two years, about half (1,000) of the school board positions in Kansas are open to elections.  KASB research indicates that between 250 and 500 incumbents choose not to run every election cycle.  There are jobs open.  Do you have what it takes to serve?