Today's Schedule

Today's Schedule

The Legislature enters the final scheduled week of committee hearing and deliberations today. Here is a summary of today’s schedule.

House Pensions. The committee begins studying a new proposal to shift the Kansas Public Employees Retirement to a pure “defined contribution” retirement plan for future employees. Representatives of the Brownback administration will also speak to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

House Federal and State Affairs. This committee is continuing a hearing on HB 2197, which would restructure the governing board of the Kansas State High School Activities Association. Several opponents of the bill were unable to testify last Thursday.

House Education. Hearings begin on HB 2400, which would establish a new state tax credit for contributions made to organizations funding scholarships for certain students attending private schools. The committee is scheduled to take action tomorrow. KASB opposes the bill.

Senate Education. The committee has a long list of bills that received hearings over the past several weeks and may be considered. These bills include: HB 2109 (second military count date), HB 2221 (equal access for teacher organizations), SB 196 (expanding authority to establish public charter schools; KASB opposes), HB 2261 (school district cash reserves; KASB supports), HB 2349 (school district efficiency audits; KASB supports), and several bills repealing out-dated statutes.

Senate Ethics, Elections and Local Government Committee. The committee could take up bills to change local municipal elections, including school board races, today or later this week. The House Elections Committee also has several bills concerning local elections available for action. KASB opposes changing the current system of local elections.