Wait! I have a coupon!

Wait! I have a coupon!

My wife loves coupons, loyalty cards, and discounts of all kinds.  Her wallet is a Costanza-like monstrosity filled with super saver loyalty cards for every store one could possibly imagine.  We have a basket full of coupons by the door and are not allowed to leave the house without one, just in case.  We have 55 gallon drums of Chex mix and bushel baskets of lettuce from the jumbo discount store that shall go nameless.  Shopping with her is always an adventure, because she invariably has a card or coupon that allows you two free if you buy five, three free if you buy the extra four, or some other mathematical discount adventure. So imagine my excitement when someone on the KASB board suggested we give a FREE PASS to convention to every district!

That’s right- every member district gets to send one person to the KASB convention for free!  A $250 value with no strings attached; no super-saver card to clog your keyring or weigh down your wallet; no buy two get three free math problems; just a free pass.

Of course, we hope that our one free pass will entice you to send more than one person to the convention.  The two great keynote speakers in Kevin Honeycutt http://kevinhoneycutt.org and David Zach http://www.davidzach.com will speak about Shaping the Future for our students.  Break-out sessions by Kansas board members and educators, and tours and site-visits will allow you to see what other districts are doing for their students, and give you a chance to connect with other board members.

On Sunday, the delegate assembly will elect a new KASB President, and consider legislative policies for the 2014 session and beyond.  We anticipate important discussions on employment rights, education funding, and constitutional issues.  It will be important for the every Kansas district to express the views of their local communities by participating in the delegate assembly.

Look for a flyer or email, or visit our website to learn more about the convention. And now for the disclaimer- we have an ulterior motive.  We think that board members know that a team approach works best, and that having more than one person attend from each district will increase the power of the learning exponentially in every district.  We think the power of teams from every district will increase the power of the whole, and that there will be more interaction in the halls, at the breaks, and more opportunities for you to learn from each other. We think that giving one free pass will prime the pump of learning for board members in Kansas.  

We will look for you in Wichita this December, and if you need a discount card for one of the local restaurants or shops just let me know, I am pretty sure I can hook you up.