Davids, Marshall co-sponsor payroll tax credit

Kansas members of Congress Roger Marshall and Sharice Davids are among 100 federal lawmakers representing both major political parties who have signed on to a bill that would make school districts and other governmental employers retroactively eligible to claim tax credits for additional costs associated with granting their employees emergency paid sick leave and emergency Family Medical Leave Act leave arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Congress allowed many private businesses to deduct those costs in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) approved on March 18 

In a March 23 letter to Congress, KASB President Shannon Kimball requested government employers also receive the tax credit. “Private businesses and private schools are eligible for the payroll tax credit, which is inequitable given the public schools’ status as major employers both in Kansas and across the nation,” Kimball wrote. Congress did not include the public-sector payroll tax credit in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act for K12 and higher education enacted March 27. 

The Supporting State and Local Leaders Act” was introduced April 28 by Rep. Bradley Schneider of Illinois, a Democrat. Federal legislation that attracts bipartisan support is typically more successful than a measure supported by a single political party. The National School Boards Association supports the legislation. 

 Marshall, who represents the “Big First” Kansas Congressional district that covers more than 60 counties in central and western Kansas, is a Republican. Davids is a Democrat who represents the third Congressional district which encompasses Johnson, Wyandotte and a portion of Miami County in the Kansas City, Kansas area. 

Kansas school leaders should thank Marshall and Davids for supporting the bill and urge them to vote to include it in the next emergency stimulus legislative package. If your Member of Congress has not signed on to the bill, please contact them and urge their support. Click here for a map of Kansas Congressional Districts. Click here for your Member’s email address 

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