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On Demand Title IX Sexual Harassment Response: Training for Coordinators, Investigators and Decision-Makers

About This Event:

 Learning Outcomes:

  1. Provide the required training for responding to sexual harassment to Investigators, Decision-Makers and Title IX coordinators.
  2. Step-by-step breakdown of required process for district response to sexual harassment.
  3. Details of the protections afforded to all parties/participants in a sexual harassment investigation process – alleged victims of harassment, alleged perpetrators of harassment, and witnesses in the investigation.

This training is more suited for those with hands-on roles in sexual harassment investigations and decision making. This will be a deep dive into how to perform those roles and how investigations are handled. This event is not season pass eligible.

Location: OnDemand,

Start Date/Time: 8/24/2020 9:00 AM

End Date/Time: 5/31/2021 3:30 PM

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